File deletion is one of the most common tasks done by all of us when working on computers. Files are deleted for different purposes. Some people do it because they want to make more space or the file is of no use anymore.

And then there are some people who do that accidently. They delete important files unintentionally and then they will need to recover those immediately. Reasons may differ but the important thing is the mac data recovery after the deletion process.

Ways to recover lost data in MS word

If you deleted your file and you have to recover it, keep calm and follow the following common ways for mac data recovery:

Method 1: Recovery of unsaved Word Document

The first method of data recovery for mac is to use the auto recovery copy of the word when you restart it.  In this way, your data will be restored up to the last saved line. The steps involve: first locate the files with the “auto recovery save of”. A list of files will be provided to you and then you have to select your desired file. After selecting your selected file, click on it and drag it out of the finder window. After that open the file in the Microsoft Word for Mac and then save it.

Method 2: Recovery of deleted word document

 There is another method of Data recovery for Mac i.e.  Recovering of the deleted document. Microsoft itself doesn’t provide the facility to recover the files which have been deleted from the recycle bin as well. But in November 2007, the new version of Mac introduced the facility to recover the deleted files. This facility is called Time Machine. This will help to save your word documents every hour so that you can again have them.

Method 3: Recovery of corrupted word document

It should be noted here that it is not possible for every corrupted file is to be recovered. But there are options you can use to recover your corrupted file.

The first option is to open the document in the Word for Mac if it is opened then you can convert your document into another format. After that, you have to copy all the material except the last paragraph or some last lines and then copy that undamaged parts to the new file.

Method 4: Recovery of word document after the Word stop responding

There are times when your word document stop responding accidently or you end it forcefully for some reason. This can cause the data loss and then you need Mac data recovery. In this scenario, after restarting you can only operate the Word document rescue. If it happens, after restarting you can have the document but it will be without the additional changes you do in your last Word for Mac document.

 So next time, when you delete your document accidently or on purpose, you can easily recover that with the above-provided guidelines.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


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