Easiest Way to Recover Deleted Emails

Deleting unnecessary emails from mailbox is quite common among computer users who communicate with friends, colleagues, and relatives through emails. Whichever email client is used for example, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Incredimail, or any other, deleted emails are moved to a specific folder called Deleted Items Folder or Trash. After removing emails that folder needs to be empty for permanently deleting them from the email storage file.

Most of the people think that once the emails are permanently removed, they cannot be recovered. But the fact is different. And the fact is permanently deleted emails can be recovered if the space allocated to them is not occupied by other emails. Until the space allocated to permanently deleted emails is not used by other emails, you have a chance to recover deleted emails. However, for that you may need to use Deleted Email recovery tool. However, if your email client is MS Outlook 2007 and you want to recover emails that are recently deleted then you do not have to purchase the Deleted Email recovery software.

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iPhone X Review: Gorgeous, pricey, and worth it

If you have any interest in Apple’s (AAPL) hotly anticipated, $1,000, 10th-anniversary iPhone X (pronounced “ten”), then there are four dates to keep in mind:

  • September 12, 2017, when Apple first unveiled it to the public.
  • Tuesday, October 31, when most of the professional reviews appear.
  • November 3, when the phone is supposed to be available to buy.
  • The day when you can actually get one. These phones are difficult to manufacture and massively back-ordered, so if you order now, you might get one before the end of the year.

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Data Recovery on Laptop

Data Recovery on LaptopStatistics regarding data loss on laptop computers is amazing. Even though these data are precious, many do not backup data on laptops. Simply put, nothing in the computer industry is without its deficiencies. Hard drives can get damaged, laptops can be stolen, or it may fall and be rendered faulty. To guarantee that you do not loose precious information, you should produce a backup of your data. Statistics indicate that over a million laptops have been stolen over the years in the United States only. Continue reading “Data Recovery on Laptop”

What happens when you delete you files

Windows Data RecoveryWhat really minimizes your chances of recovering lost data from windows operating system is messing up with file system.

In fact your files/data is not deleted immediately after you press the delete button. It is simply removed from the directory so that you cannot see it but actually it remains on the hard disk until a new data is written on at the available space. This kind of deleted files/data can be recovered from recycle bin in windows and from Trash in Mac OS. Continue reading “What happens when you delete you files”

How to Restore Deleted Files Without Using Software

Are you looking for ways to recover deleted files on Mac? Have you mistakenly deleted an imperative file? Are you wondering what to do next? There are a lot of people who lose their files every day. There are plenty of ways through which you can restore your files. You can use a data recovery software. It is the easiest way to retrieve all the files. If you don’t want to use a software, you can use iCloud or Time Machine. Continue reading “How to Restore Deleted Files Without Using Software”

How to Recover Unsaved and Lost Excel Files on Mac

What is AutoRecover?

AutoRecover, a feature that is available in some Office applications, attempts to recover files automatically in the event of data loss. By default, Microsoft Office provides AutoRecover option which can recover unsaved PowerPoint, Word, Excel files! If the “Save AutoRecover info every“box is checked, it is possible to recover the unsaved excel files.

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Mac data recovery made easy

Mac is one of the best innovations in the 21st century produced by the Apple Corporation originally in 1984 by Steve jobs. With so many improvements made to this amazing personal computer it is one of the most luxurious belongings which someone could own. Mac OS is the operating system which is used in Mac which is similar to windows OS. There are so many advantages in using a Mac. With many soft wares available to make the operations of a Mac, it is a user friendly personal computer which makes our day to day life easy and interesting. Presently with apple electronic items being used by many people they prefer a Mac as their personal computer as using i phones and pads have made them friendly to the system used in mac.

There are situations where your Mac is filled up with the data and files where it makes the operating of the Mac slow and difficult to use. This is when you have to find move or deleted large files to increase the disk space in your Mac. Once you find the move or deleted large files you he to free up the space by using the following several methods. You can either do it manually or you can use the software which makes it easy to free up space in the Mac which enhances the speed and operation of your device. By following the below mentioned steps you can enhance the speed and operating efficiency of the devise and it will also make the device work like its brand new.

If you are using the manual way you can start by deleting items that you don’t need in the mail box, photos and messages which helps you to free up space in the device. The next step is to find and locate large files that are stored I your device. There is a process where you have to enter some codes to find large files for a prescribed volume and once you check the files and if you don’t need the data you can delete them. By doing this you can prevent you device from getting stuck and encrypted. You can do the same thing by installing the software. Once you download the software you need select the temperature on the right top corner of the screen and select the disk that you need to clean up. Then choose the view option. The software will scan your devise and present the data in your devise with their sizes and volumes so you can decide which file you need to delete.

There are instances where you lose text documents such as turning off the device before saving the document and accidently deleting the documents. There are ways which makes it possible for Mac users to recover the data which is lost. You have to go to the file menu and click view. Then you need to select the option which says recover texts from any file and spot the location where the damaged file is contained. The recovery process time may vary from the size of the document.

Ways to Recover Your Notes on Mac

Ways to Recover Your Notes on MacAccidentally deleting a needed file is an experience that every Mac user has gone through. And with so many techniques, recovering data is a simple task. The Mac users can easily recover data using various methods. Mac users can opt for any one several methods to recover notes that they placed in the trash. Quick action allows users to recover documents before they are lost forever.

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File deletion is one of the most common tasks done by all of us when working on computers. Files are deleted for different purposes. Some people do it because they want to make more space or the file is of no use anymore.

And then there are some people who do that accidently. They delete important files unintentionally and then they will need to recover those immediately. Reasons may differ but the important thing is the mac data recovery after the deletion process.

Ways to recover lost data in MS word

If you deleted your file and you have to recover it, keep calm and follow the following common ways for mac data recovery:

Method 1: Recovery of unsaved Word Document

The first method of data recovery for mac is to use the auto recovery copy of the word when you restart it.  In this way, your data will be restored up to the last saved line. The steps involve: first locate the files with the “auto recovery save of”. A list of files will be provided to you and then you have to select your desired file. After selecting your selected file, click on it and drag it out of the finder window. After that open the file in the Microsoft Word for Mac and then save it.

Method 2: Recovery of deleted word document

 There is another method of Data recovery for Mac i.e.  Recovering of the deleted document. Microsoft itself doesn’t provide the facility to recover the files which have been deleted from the recycle bin as well. But in November 2007, the new version of Mac introduced the facility to recover the deleted files. This facility is called Time Machine. This will help to save your word documents every hour so that you can again have them.

Method 3: Recovery of corrupted word document

It should be noted here that it is not possible for every corrupted file is to be recovered. But there are options you can use to recover your corrupted file.

The first option is to open the document in the Word for Mac if it is opened then you can convert your document into another format. After that, you have to copy all the material except the last paragraph or some last lines and then copy that undamaged parts to the new file.

Method 4: Recovery of word document after the Word stop responding

There are times when your word document stop responding accidently or you end it forcefully for some reason. This can cause the data loss and then you need Mac data recovery. In this scenario, after restarting you can only operate the Word document rescue. If it happens, after restarting you can have the document but it will be without the additional changes you do in your last Word for Mac document.

 So next time, when you delete your document accidently or on purpose, you can easily recover that with the above-provided guidelines.

Factors to consider while choosing a Mac data recovery software

Similar to iphones, all around the world, Mac computer has also become very famous. It has user friendly features that were given by Mac OS X operating system. There are also unique software that are designed especially for this operating system. Among them, Mac data recovery software are more important to people. There are few Mac data recovery software which you can use to recover different file types.
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