Best Way to Get Back Lost Files from Your iPod Touch

By | October 31, 2014

Accidentally lost music files from your iPod touch? Don’t fret! You can simply retrieve the lost music files, like MP3, from iPod on Mac using the Data Recovery Software.

What is the Data Recovery for Mac?

The Data Recovery for Mac is a powerful music recovery software which is specially designed to retrieve music off iPod or other devices. It also helps you to recover mp3 music files from hard drives, flash memory cards, USB external drives, Mp3 and Mp4 players, iTunes, etc.

Why Does Lost Files Can Be Recovered

When you deleted or formatted a file from your iPod or other device, its physical data still remains on your device until it is fully overwritten by other files. In the simple way, your files are still “alive” until you put something new in to your drive. So the sooner you act to do something for file recovery, the more chances you’ll have for recovering files.

Therefore, if you are one of the unlucky guys who lost the files, you’d better be very careful using the computer or storage device even stop using it to avoid the file overwritten situation we mentioned above. Moreover, because the computer do not offer the file recovery function by its own, a image rescue tool is strongly needed. That’s why I suggest you to try the data recovery software to recover the lost files.

Steps to Recover Files from iPod Touch

1. Open the iPod Touch Recovery Mac and sync your iPod touch to your Mac;

2. Simply click iPod touch and the “Scan” button;

3. After the scan process is finished, you are able to see the lost MP3 files;

4. Click the MP3 songs which you want to recover and press “Recover” button;

5. Once the lost MP3 files are recovered, you are able to enjoy them on your iPod again.


1. Please do Not adding more MP3 files to your iPod touch from which you need to recover lost / deleted MP3 files in case the data is rewritten.

2. It’s normal that the recovered MP3 files may be not in the original name due to the raw recovery method.

3. If you want to learn more about iPod or Mac OS data recovery, just feel free to read this post whenever you want.

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