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What happens when you delete you files

What really minimizes your chances of recovering lost data from windows operating system is messing up with file system. In fact your files/data is not deleted immediately after you press the delete button. It is simply removed from the directory so that you cannot see it but actually it remains on the hard disk until… Read More »

How to Recover Unsaved and Lost Excel Files on Mac

What is AutoRecover? AutoRecover, a feature that is available in some Office applications, attempts to recover files automatically in the event of data loss. By default, Microsoft Office provides AutoRecover option which can recover unsaved PowerPoint, Word, Excel files! If the “Save AutoRecover info every“box is checked, it is possible to recover the unsaved excel files.

Photos & videos recovery – How to Recover iphoto & videos From a Mac

Did it ever before happen you by accident erased the many valuable Photos & videos in addition to pictures save with your Macintosh? Alternatively, performed a person data format ones DSLR camera or even memory when you ended up accessing it in Macintosh? When be the case, the other confronts lots of complications in addition… Read More »

How to Recover Lost Video Files on a Mac

We store so many things on video files now: birthday parties, weddings, family vacations–for some people substantial hunks of their life are reproducible on digital video files. That’s why losing those files can feel like a life-shattering catastrophe. It’s not just that you’re losing data–it’s that you’re losing some of your most valuable memories. In… Read More »

How Can We Bring Lost Files Back from Mac

Sometimes due to some reasons like the mistakenly deletion or wrongly formatting, lots of the useful files were lost from your Mac. If it is lucky enough you can get them back from your Mac Trash. But if the Mac Trash has been emptied, what can we do to get the files back? Are there… Read More »

How Can We Recover Lost Photo on Our Mac Easily

Lots of Mac user, like you and I, sometimes due to some reasons may deleted the precious photos from our Mac and then find solutions anywhere to try to get the lost photo files back. This problem is what we need to talk today is, “Is it possible to recover the lost photo files from… Read More »

How to Recover Lost Files on Mac When Data Loss Happen

While there is no doubt that regularly scheduled data backups are the best defense against data loss, small businesses may encounter situations where it is necessary to recover data from a failed data storage device. Here are a few pointers for SMBs on what to do if they ever find themselves stuck with a dead hard drive… Read More »