Free download musics to a Sandisk SD card

By | June 21, 2018
You should be able to. but if the music is protected by DRM , you cannot download it your mp3 player directly, You may need to convert the DRM music to plain one. -use iTunes to burn audio CD and then rip audio back

Where can you download MP3 music?

I recommend to use VK – it’s large music MP3 library with totally free access. There are millions of files in this database. You can create your personal playlist and listen to your favorite tracks online or download them. It’s multi language site, so users from all countries may use this music library. All you have to do is register. The registration process takes one minute and you even don’t need to sign in your e-mail.
Notice: Registration on this site will be end on October 24th for unknown period. At now you can register via my invite ( This site requires your  First / last name and University School name. Also you need to upload your photo. If you don’t do this you can be banned in one hour after registration.

How do you download music to an MP3 player?

The way I do it is to plug my mp3 player into my laptop with the USB cable provided with it. I then use Window’s Media Player to sync with my mp3 player, and to sync any music on my laptop onto the mp3 player. You can set the settings with Media Player to say what media you want on your player. You can also just manually drag and drop the songs into the conveniently labeled “music” folder, if your mp3 player is that convenient.

How do you download music on your MP3 player?

The fancy ones like the ipod or the zune have their own software. Other ones you treat like flash drives (find it on “my computer” and drag and drop your files).Or are you just asking where you can find free licensed music?

How do you download music on a phillips mp3 player?

download your music to the computer music file first. hook up your philips device to your computer using the cord that came with it. if the computer asks what you want to do with the device, click on open file folders. find the music file on the device and open that. once that is done, open a new window on the computer and open your computers music file. minimize both windows on your screen so that you can see them both at the same time. then, click on the song in your computer music file, drag and drop to the device music file by click and hold on the song name with the mouse and move it over to the other file. you can also left click on song name to hilight it, right click, copy. then go to device music file, right click and paste

Is it easier to download music to an iPod or MP3 player?

Ive never used a mp3 or ipod and would like to buy one so i can use it when i go on my travels ,but as iam in my late 60s ,I dont have a clue on how to set one up.