Recovery Partitions: An Overview

By | August 21, 2015

Recovery partitionsRecovery partitions are critical to any attempt at retrieving lost data. They repair and reinstall operating systems after the OS has been corrupted or simply failed. The reason they are called partitions is because they hide the data in the root of the hard drive where it will be safe from overwriting and disc modification.

While partitions have been a part of the Mac OS for a while (beginning with “Lion”) they don’t always fix the problem. If you experience a hard drive failure, or if your recovery partition wasn’t created during the initial installation process, you may have trouble retrieving data.

In this case, you’ll want to create your own recovery partition. You can do this somewhat easily by installing OS X Mavericks and downloading a Recovery Partition Creator app. Install the app and have it scan your drive for problems. After this, install the required OS X Mavericks files. The last real step is to choose the sort of recovery partition you want based on your current version of OS X.

After making your partition you’ll want to reboot your computer and hold down control R. This will cause the system to boot directly to the partition. The recovery partition itself is capable of loading a clone of OS X with all of the tools needed to wipe information and troubleshoot problems.

This is a great security and backup measure to have on your device and one for which you’ll always be grateful when it’s time to use it. Of course, there may be those instances where your hardware has incurred damage to an extent that you can’t create a partition. In these cases you’ll have no other option but to go to a forensic recovery expert.

And like any other sound backup solution, it works best if you act now rather than later. Don’t wait to create a recovery partition after you’ve already experienced a major problem or lost significant data. Instead, familiarize yourself with the process ahead of time so that when trouble strikes you can stay calm and confident.

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